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Dolle pret met fysica dankzij Phun. Gratis te downloaden simulatieprogramma voor zwaartekracht, wrijving, enzovoorts.
Was ik fysicaleerkracht, dan had ik dit verplicht speelgoed gemaakt voor mijn studenten.

[youtube 0H5g9VS0ENM phun]

Phun is a Master of Science Thesis by Computing Science student Emil Ernerfeldt for supervisor Kenneth Bodin at VRLab, Umeå University, Sweden. The solver is based on work by Claude Lacoursière.
Phun is meant to be a playground where people can be creative. It can also be used as an educational tool to learn about physics concepts such as restitution and friction.

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  • Apostel 13

    Gelukkige verjaardag mijnheer Leenknecht!

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